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High Performance Computing Initiative

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The High Performance Computing Initiative (HPC) is intended to stimulate and facilitate wider usage of HPC across the private sector to propel productivity, innovation and competitiveness. The goals of the Initiative are to:

  • Analyze the economic rationale for sustaining U.S. leadership in HPC, especially the impact upon manufacturing, services, business, and state-of-the-art research capabilities
  • Identify key private sector HPC applications needs and priorities
  • Identify workforce education and training needs to integrate HPC in the private sector
  • Foster public-private sector partnerships to better leverage resources and expertise to help overcome barriers to more widespread private sector usage

The Council Initiative will leverage the insights and expertise of its members in a number of ways.

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 Industry Success Stories with High Performance Computing
These case studies showcase the competitive benefits that can be achieved from modeling and simulation with HPC. They discuss problems organizations faced and the solutions they reached using their own HPC resources or through partnerships with government-funded facilities and programs across the country. In each instance, these organizations advanced their R&D, accelerated innovation, created important new knowledge and shortened time-to-market for new products—all essential to business success in the face of global competition. Each organization also indicated significant cost savings and revenue enhancement.