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Compete: Manufacturing

Americans have always been pioneers, risk-takers and makers. At the Council, we believe that it is time to set those impulses free and embrace production once more. We must create a business environment that fosters breakthrough innovations, rapid commercialization and manufacturing at scale. As a country we have proven adept at rising to every economic challenge. Now it is time for our Nation to set in place the policies to ignite a new era of competitive, sustainable and advanced manufacturing - and our ability to create wealth and new jobs depends upon it. Manufacturing is no longer dirty, dumb, dangerous and disappearing. Today’s manufacturing is smart, safe, sustainable and surging.

The Council’s manufacturing initiative is supported by the “Out of the Blue” Manufacturing Dialogue Series, which is designed to examine, better understand and address the critical challenges facing American manufacturers in an increasingly competitive global economy. The Council, along with its members and partners host strategic dialogues across the country to generate key recommendations and action items that build upon the Council’s seminal report Make: An American Manufacturing Movement,  to re-invigorate manufacturing excellence in the United States, the cornerstone of American independence, economic prosperity and national security.

Click below to download reports from the 2012 “Out of the Blue” Manufacturing Dialogues.

Next GenerationSupply Chain Networks and Logistics
Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech, February 28-29th 2012

Accelerating and Innnovating Workforce Development
Snap-On Incorporated, September 24-25th, 2012

Leveraging Talent Development to Drive Innovation
Lehigh University aned Air Products, October 4-5th, 2012

Gaining Strategic Advantage through Advanced Manufacturing Collaboration
Worchester Polytechnic Institute and Raytheon Corpororation, October 18-19th, 2012