— Council on Competitiveness

Council of Competitiveness

National Innovation Initiative

At the end of 2003, the Council on Competitiveness launched the National Innovation Initiative (NII) – a multi-year effort engaging hundreds of leaders across the country and from all walks of life to optimize our entire society for a future in which innovation will be the single most important factor in shaping prosperity.

Throughout 2004, these leaders met in working group sessions, roundtables and regional summits to shape the world’s first-ever private sector driven innovation agenda. In December 2004, the Council brought together the leaders of the NII – along with many other private and public sector stakeholders – for the National Innovation Summit and the release of Innovate America™: Thriving in a World of Challenge and Change.

This landmark publication provides an in-depth examination of the role innovation plays in U.S. competitiveness and lays out a concrete roadmap of recommendations for the future, organized into three broad categories: talent, investment and infrastructure. With more than 300,000 downloads and counting, Innovate America remains relevant, continuing to shape the national, regional and international dialogue on the role innovation will play in driving competitiveness in the 21st century.