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Aug 27, 2009

A Manufacturing Bright Spot in Michigan

Two alternative energy companies are trying to turn a closed Ford plant into a sustainable energy powerhouse.Texas’ Xtreme Power and California’s Clairvoyant Energy are in the process of buying and refurbishing a plant 25 miles north of Detroit. The companies plan to use the existing building as a base to train and employ workers in the renewable energy field."It’s not just that our city needs it or our county needs it. Our state needs it," said Kevin Hinkley, the mayor of Wixom, where the plant would be located. "We need to look at the new frontier."...Less than half of the 4.7 million…Read More

Aug 24, 2009

Georgetown: Restoring Promise and Pride through Sustainability

The following is a guest post from Jonathan Cohn, the co-president of the EcoAction club at Georgetown University. When venturing into sustainability initiatives, one needs to consider how best to connect to the public. With all of the chaos that exists in day-to-day life, some things inevitably fall to the backs of our minds, but with the energy and climate crisis looming, our fate and that of posterity are not to be ignored.   Many companies, governments, NGOs, and nonprofits here and across the globe have worked to get the public "energized" about energy reform. Logos, videos, and stunts…Read More

Aug 24, 2009

Solar Energy and Oil: Together At Last?

An oil field in California is going solar.Green Inc reports that BrightSource Energy, a solar company, is building a plant on a Chevron field in Coalinga, one of the sunniest areas of California. The plant will use 7,000 mirrors to heat water, which will help petroleum flow more easily.For BrightSource, which has signed contracts to supply 2,610 megawatts of solar electricity to California utilities, the Chevron deal is a chance to scale up its technology –- the company so far has only built a six-megawatt demonstration power plant in Israel -– and explore new applications for its…Read More

Aug 20, 2009

$120 Million for Solar Energy

Life on Earth needs the sun to survive, and we’ve used solar energy throughout history. But truly harnessing solar power as an energy source can be difficult. Photovoltaics, a type of solar cell, convert sunlight directly into electricity. Their development has doubled every two years, with new technology constantly breaking new ground. As more photovoltaics join the market, the drive to produce better and more efficient models becomes greater. Today, Greenwire reported that DuPont (whose chairman and CEO, Charles Holliday, is chairman of the Council on Competitiveness) is trying to stay…Read More

Aug 19, 2009

Water - and Power - Everywhere

Creating clean energy sources can be a difficult process. Sometimes people are so focused on one process or piece of technology that they forget to step back and realize that they can use resources we already have to produce clean energy.One of the greatest resources we have is the American innovative spirit. By creatively using existing situations and systems, we can retain our competitive edge while helping the planet. The New York Times Green Inc. blog had a story about how one Ohio-based company is using a resource it already has to create new energy: water.Even though there are 80,000…Read More

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