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Sep 29, 2009

National Energy Summit News Roundup

Interviews, Analysis, Video

Here is a roundup of the coverage the National Energy Summit received.

More videos from the Summit: Bloomberg interview with Council on Competitiveness Chairman Chad Holliday, CNBC interview with Constellation Energy's Mayo Shattuck, CNBC interview with Arch Coal Chairman and CEO Steven Leer. More videos are available on our Youtube channel, CompeteTV.

This is America with Dennis Wholey

A special two-part energy series will feature Council on Competitiveness Distinguished Fellow Andy Karsner, Michigan State University President and Council on Competitiveness member Lou Anna Simon and David Rodgers. The shows will air in early October.

Houston Chronicle: Energy Executives Complain They Are in Regulatory Limbo

Academics and business leaders, meeting at the National Energy Summit in Washington on Wednesday, agreed that the federal government needs to take a stronger role in outlining a new green industrial and energy policies or risk being left in the dust by other nations.

"We like to wear our foam finger that says 'we're number one' but in this area we are far from it," said Richard M. Smith, chairman of Newsweek magazine.

Memphis Commercial Appeal: FedEx CEO: Tax carbon, end foreign dependence on oil

WASHINGTON -- FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith made his case Wednesday for a tax on carbon, a reduction in the payroll tax and expensing of capital equipment, speaking at a panel discussion with other CEOs at the Council on Competitiveness National Energy Summit.

Get Energy Smart Now: Georgetown University Speaks to Business Leaders

When dealing with these challenges, a (perhaps) unique element is that this involves all elements of the University community. This is not just scientists, but there are legal, social, and other elements. Thus, turning the University community to incorporate energy and climate challenges/opportunities means breaking through and crossing stove-pipes, toward a whole of university approach.

Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress

After decades of complacency about growing U.S. energy dependence on foreign suppliers, the time has arrived to shift the country’s energy signature toward clean energy sources, greater levels of domestic supply, and increased innovation.

ShopFloor.org: NAM’s John Engler: US, Administration, Need a Growth Strategy

John Engler, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, packed a lot of policy perspective into his seven-and-a-half minute interview with CNBC’s Becky Quick on Squawk Box. The discussion included green jobs, nuclear energy, infrastructure, trade and the Administration’s need to develop a "growth strategy."

TreeHugger: Industry Leaders Consider Why America Has Fallen Behind at National Climate Summit

All of the speakers, from the coal-company CEOs to the government officials, the university presidents to the Silicon Valley investors, seemed to agree: The United States faces problems but we have the capacity to find durable solutions.

For more coverage of the summit, including videos of every panel and interviews, go to compete.org/nes.

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