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Council Senior Fellow Amy Kaslow Advises Recent Graduates

CNN Money article discusses ways to get noticed in a crowded job market

June 04, 2012

Millions of graduates are pouring out of U.S. campuses and flooding the job market this spring. Students have sprung from vocational centers, nearby community colleges, small liberal arts schools, and university systems, hoping for a return on their educational investment.

But the economy has yet to absorb more than half of last year's hopefuls, and this year's influx of job seekers could push the nation's 8.2% jobless rate even higher, along with underemployment, which tops 16%. And even for the lucky who have secured work, statistics show that their earnings will generally start lower and stay depressed relative to those who entered the job market in stronger economies.

The 2012 graduates' elation can easily transform into the unemployeds' deflation. For the Millennials fixed on the news reports and the numbers, opportunities are far from obvious. But there are promising employment prospects out there, and jobseekers should quickly take stock of what's available and how to position themselves for those openings. The basic question: how do you distinguish yourself in a market stuffed with people who lack the skills and the credentials to get noticed?

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