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Measuring Reg Innovation 0308
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Table of Contents

  • Welcome
  • Introduction
  • Analytical Framework
  • The Regional Innovation Assessment
  • Appendix A: Summary List of Metrics and Sources
  • Appendix B: The Regional Business Survey
  • Appendix C: Community Leadership Interview Template
  • Acknowledgements

“Measuring Regional Innovation.”

A Guidebook for Conducting Regional Innovation Assessments

Published October 2005

Measuring Regional Innovation has been created to help regions assess their regional innovation environment. It outlines a process for collecting data on key measures of innovation that can then be used to drive regional economic development policies and programs. In addition, the guidebook metrics can be used to develop an ongoing evaluation tool for regions tracking their innovation economy.

The methods described in this guidebook were tested and refined in six regional projects that formed the Council’s Regional Competitiveness Initiative in 2003-2005. The six regions that participated in this Economic Development Administration-funded initiative were Central New Mexico; Northeast Ohio; Wilmington, DE; West Michigan; the Inland Northwest; and Greater St Louis. Work in a seventh region, Rochester, NY, which received funding from the Small Business Administration and the Infotonics Technology Center, also contributed to the lessons in the guidebook.

The Council is proud to offer this guidebook in hopes that is supports the extraordinary work that is already taking place in regions across the United States.