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Five for the Future
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Table of Contents

  • Welcome Letter
  • Compete: Five for the Future
  • Roadmap for Competitiveness in the 21st Century
  • Creating Competitive Advantage
  • Council on Competitiveness Executive Committee
  • Council Membership
  • National Affiliates
  • Council Staff
  • About the Council

“Five for the Future.”

Roadmap for Competitiveness in the 21st Century

Published October 2007

Three years ago, the Council on Competitiveness’ Innovate America® report announced to the world that innovation was the key to economic growth and success in global markets. That call echoed from one end of Pennsylvania Avenue to the other; from the corporate boardroom to university classroom; and from state capitals to capitals around the world.

Today, the Council’s corporate CEOs, university presidents and labor leaders remain committed to ensuring the future prosperity of all Americans through enhanced competitiveness in the global economy and the creation of high-value economic activity in the United States. That commitment requires a constant reassessment of national and global economic factors and where the opportunity exists to put into play the Council’s thought leadership and its members’ time and resources.

Five for the Future is the culmination of this process and it lays out what we believe must be the critical components of America’s competitiveness agenda in an increasingly global economy.