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Table of Contents

  • Letter from the President
  • Compete 2.0: Skills Advisory Committee
  • Key Take-Aways
  • Creating the Context
  • Skills Strategies for the Future
  • Untapped Opportunities
  • Service Economy Skills
  • The Innovation Advantage
  • Skills for Sustainability
  • Last Thoughts
  • Notes
  • Council on Competitiveness Board, Executive Committee,
  • General Membership and National Affiliates
  • Council on Competitiveness Staff
  • About the Council on Competitiveness
  • Compete 2.0: Program Leadership


The Skills Imperative

Published April 2008

Thrive. The Skills Imperative provides a compelling, short and easily accessible analysis of the key trends underpinning future workforce skills challenges and opportunities in the United States. Drawing upon the Council’s leadership in innovative capacity, Thrive is the first in a series of targeted benchmarking reports published by the Council’s Compete 2.0 Initiative.

Slowing growth of the U.S. workforce has the potential to slow economic output if productivity does not increase. Lack of adequate reading and math skills among new U.S. workers compound this challenge. At the same time, hundreds of millions of educated foreign workers are entering the global workforce and competing for jobs that are increasingly vulnerable to offshoring.

Through combining findings from the 2006 Competitiveness Index: Where America Stands with real-world business cases, Thrive demonstrates an urgent need for the United States to develop a national skills agenda to be competitive in the global economy and ensure a rising standard of living for its citizens.